Service Point Kiel Canal

The Association

Besides a list of the member companies for direct contacts there is a portal for people searching for services. Clients can put in there the technical services they are searching for. This will be sent to the suitable members who will submit their offers to the client.

Independent from the offer portal member presents their service portfolio and special offers on this site. The services will be shown in the field service provider. If there is demand on new personal this will be in the upcoming field jobs.

There will be also common information and tips on ships movements on this site.

The purpose of this association is supporting maritime services in the Nord-Ostsee Kanal (also named Kiel-Canal) and the ports being situated near the canal including Kiel and Brunsbüttel.

Any legal person can be member of the association. Application should be made written to the board of directors. Applicants will be obliged to acknowledge and comply with the statutes of SPKC.

The companies working with this network are experienced in the business of maritime services and guarantee for providing availability of qualified personnel on a 24/7basis and a spare parts store in sufficient scale.

Time for reaction on enquiry and carrying out services will be kept as short as possible. Every company will have emergency or phone numbers on duty on this site where services can be reached.

The scope of services refers to any service for the ships being on transit in the Kiel Canal and in the ports of the Canal (including Kiel and Brunsbüttel-Elbehafen). These are the supply of spare parts and all works i.e. maintenance, overhaul and repair (planned or not).

Long term docking times or orders gained by competitive advertisement are not included.

Contracts will be made between the shipping company or the person of authority of the ship and the service company. This company will regulate on its own responsibility how to deal with parallel enquiries.

The association SPKC does not take over any own economic acts.

Any company of the network will support the network by active publicity aiming on the gain of new members (by links on their own homepage).