Service Point Kiel Canal

Christian Bindemann Group of Companies GmbH & Co.KG

  • Bindemann Group 1 Standort
  • Bindemann Group 2 Department Technical Services
  • Bindemann Group 3 Department Piston Rings
  • Bindemann Group 4 Department Spare Parts
  • Bindemann Group 5 Department Sales Agencies


Christian Bindemann Group of Companies GmbH & Co.KG
Christian Bindemann
Gärtnerstrasse 81G
25469 Halstenbek

Phone: +49 40 419 18846
Fax: +49 40 41918847

Sabine Goetzl
Fon: +49 40 570 30 33


Stefan Betros
Fon: +49 40 570 8123


Caroline de Roys
Fon: +49 40 4191 88 46


Rainer Plambeck
Fon: +49 40 571 48 252



Today, the „Christian Bindemann Group of Companies GmbH & Co. KG“ consists of 4 historically grown ventures:

The oldest and most probably best known ventures are „Dept.:PISTON RINGS“, partner, dealer and stockist of piston rings from the Swedish manufacturer DAROS, as well as „Dept.: SPARE PARTS“. The latter successfully became a reliable and good source for technical spares, since 1994 and is preferred supplier of several domestic and foreign ship owners and managers.

Since 2005 the agencies of our mostly well known foreign partners are pooled all together under the label of „Dept.: SALES AGENCIES“. We are the exclusive local contact for products and services of partners like Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem (CH), Honeywell Marine (FR), Viking Airtech (SGP), Marine Aluminium (NO), Polarmarine (SE), as well as some other specially picked manufacturers of maritime equipment.

"Dept.: Technical Services" was founded as a Service Station for the annual maintenance, calibration and repair of sounding and sampling devices produced by Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem. Since the very first day we are a reliable partner in domestic and foreign tanker shipping following the 24/7 principle at 365 days per year. Our special Kiel-Canal-Service includes pick-up of your UTI’s on entering the canal, inspection, repair and certification in our workshop, and return to your canal agency before you are leaving the locks again.

Service keys

  • Services for planning, construction and operation
  • furniture
  • sanitary installations
  • cleaning
  • diesel engine plant
  • electrical plant for propulsion
  • surveillance und alarm devices
  • couplings
  • gear
  • air compressor and starting air
  • booster pumps
  • filters
  • piping and valves
  • content measurement and bearing devices
  • electrical plant
  • generators
  • three-phase motors
  • alternating current motors
  • direct current motor
  • power circuit breaker
  • switching devices (gate, relay etc.)
  • cable systems
  • automation, control consoles, control stations
  • multimedia
  • operational plant
  • hydraulic systems
  • piping
  • foam extinguishing systems
  • gaseous extinguishing systems (CO2, N2)
  • water spray fire-extinguishing installation
  • sewage systems
  • lavatory and urinal outfits
  • fans incl. Electric motors
  • air-treatment system
  • provision cooling systems
  • devices, tools, spare parts and provision
  • deck equipment
  • tools and spare parts