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Blohm+Voss B.V. & Co.KG

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Blohm+Voss B.V. & Co.KG
Norderelbstraße 15
20457 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40-31188-715

Blohm+Voss GmbH
Norderelbstraße 15
20457 Hamburg
Mobile: +49 (0)172/8492651

T: +49 (0)40-31188-715

Engine Service & Repair
Noel Bandholtz
T: +49 (0)40-31188-712

Spare Parts Service
Marco Salzwedel
T: +49 (0)40-31188-162


Blohm+Voss. Expect the Exceptional.

Blohm+Voss, founded in 1877 in the heart of the port of Hamburg, has been part of the North German group of companies, Lürssen, since 2016 and specialises in the processing of complex new build, repair and refit projects of various ship classes. Blohm+Voss has a strong customer focus, providing services on time and engaging in sustainable and innovative technologies while consistently delivering the highest quality standards.

Spare Parts: All parts shipped to all parts of the world
From our well-stocked warehouse, we deliver spare parts to our customers worldwide in the shortest time-frame. We monitor the requirements of our customers and store the precise parts needed to ensure the permanent availability of their fleet. If required, our experienced service technicians also install the equipment on board.

We are specialists in:

  • 2- and 4-stroke engine parts
  • Fuel oil and lubrication oil separators
  • Oily water separators
  • Stern Tube Seals
  • Filter systems and pumps

Engine Services; Full steam ahead, around the clock
Meeting complex, time-critical demands, we install and repair components such as ship engines and power plants and we carry out maintenance work for ship or CHP units from all manufacturers. While we recondition customers’ components in our workshop, we provide replacement components to minimise downtime. We also advise on Ballast Water Treatment and desalination plants.

We are service partners of the following manufacturers:

  • Geislinger couplings and dampers
  • KBB turbo chargers – all series
  • Schaller Automation oil-mist-detectors
  • Masson Marine transmissions
  • Woodward Injection Systems

Service keys

  • vessel with outfit and equipment
  • steel work at hull and superstructures
  • stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
  • anchor equipment
  • closures in bulkheads and decks
  • hatchcovers/seals
  • window
  • watertight doors
  • doors inside
  • doors outside
  • insulation
  • interior walls/ceilings
  • furniture
  • deckfloorings inside
  • cleaning
  • bilge cleaning and tank cleaning
  • cathodic corrosion protection
  • paint coating
  • spars, rigging and accessories
  • propulsion plant
  • diesel engine plant
  • exhaust gas line
  • cooling water systems
  • steam plant
  • electrical plant for propulsion
  • surveillance und alarm devices
  • shaftings, greasing and cooling devices
  • journal bearings, thrust bearing
  • stem tunnel sealings
  • couplings
  • gear
  • propeller
  • water jet propulsion
  • rudderpropeller
  • air compressor and starting air
  • booster pumps
  • filters
  • piping and valves
  • content measurement and bearing devices
  • electrical plant
  • on-board power supplies
  • generators
  • transformers
  • three-phase motors
  • alternating current motors
  • direct current motor
  • electric cabinets
  • switching devices (gate, relay etc.)
  • cable systems
  • lighting outside
  • lighting inside
  • navigation lights
  • automation, control consoles, control stations
  • operational plant
  • rudder with shaft and bearings
  • steering gear
  • hand rudder propulsion
  • transverse propulsion
  • stabilisation plant
  • winches and capstans
  • boat launching gear
  • cranes and lifting devices
  • underslung cranes
  • trolleys, chain blocks
  • conveyer
  • hoists
  • bilge pumps
  • bilge line
  • piping
  • valves
  • foam extinguishing systems
  • gaseous extinguishing systems (CO2, N2)
  • sea water extinguishing systems
  • water spray fire-extinguishing installation
  • fresh water systems
  • sewage systems
  • lavatory and urinal outfits
  • drainage and scupper equipment
  • garbage incineration plant
  • garbage grinder
  • fans incl. Electric motors
  • ventilation lines, valves, ducts
  • provision cooling systems
  • galley equipment
  • supply air
  • communications and navigation facilities
  • radio messaging systems
  • radio navigation and location systems
  • radar units