Service Point Kiel Canal

Weihe GmbH

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Weihe GmbH
Axel Weihe, Managing Director
Teichkoppel 63
24161 Altenholz

Phone: +494313291319
Fax: +49431321022

Mobil: 01608863269


For the past 30 years Weihe GmbH has been successfully producing and distributing silencer systems for combustion engines between 8 and 10.000 kW. Additionally, we offer customized solutions for particle filters, tubing and insulations in the field of exhaust systems and cooling water.

Service keys

  • steel work at hull and superstructures
  • stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
  • insulation
  • diesel engine plant
  • exhaust gas line
  • cooling water systems
  • filters
  • piping and valves
  • hydraulic systems
  • piping